Bishop George was a true patriot

Dear Editor,

The Working Peoples Alliance Overseas Associates (WPAOA) learned with deep sadness of the passing of the Rt Rev Randolph O George, Bishop of Guyana and Suriname (Rtd). Bishop George or The Bishop as he was commonly referred to, served as a pillar of strength, a voice of reason and a source of comfort not only to the Anglican Communion, but to the nation as a whole.

Bishop George served at a time when the people of Guyana were being severely tested and he never wavered in his commitment to the poor and powerless. He was the Chairman of the Guyana Council of Churches, Co-chair of the Guyana Human Rights Association and also participated in organizations and activities dedicated to enhancing the welfare of Guyanese.

The people of Guyana have lost a true patriot whose stewardship has been written into Guyanese history. We in the WPAOA would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to his wife Mrs Sheila George and his children.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Branch

Press Secretary WPAOA

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