Why the blood test and $5,000 to register children at Skeldon High School?

Dear Editor,

The result slips for the Grade 6 Assessment have July 22 as the date for parents to register children in secondary school. Almost 200 parents turned up at Skeldon High School on Friday and not one teacher came to do the registration. They didn’t even have the manners to put a notice on television or something. People don’t have time to waste.

Then there is this blood test business. How come parents have to see their children get a blood test and walk with the result and $5000 before they register them? The school secretary said all the children have to get blood test, and we have to pay $5000 when they are ready to do registration. They do blood tests every year, but this price is too high now. Not everybody can line up at Skeldon Hospital for a blood test. Some people went to private doctors. Come on ‒ where can poor people find that kind of money?

Yours faithfully,

Inderjit Rampersaud

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