Test matches in the West Indies must be the worst party in sport

Dear Editor,

If the Caribbean Players League (CPL) is the biggest party in sport, then the Test matches played in the West Indies must be the worst. The stands are empty for many reasons.

Number one on the list is the bumbling people on the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). After over 50 years of service dedicated to West Indies cricket, one would have thought that there would have been some sort of tribute to the late legendary commentator, Winston Anthony Lloyd (Tony) Cozier. Only in the West Indies could something like this happen. Secondly, what were the selectors thinking by playing only four bowlers? Anybody with a cricket brain would and should know that Bishoo suffered from tear in his hands because of the very long spells he was asked to bowl in previous series. From the time Bishoo made his debut vs Pakistan in 2011, he has bowled more overs that any other West Indian bowler in every innings that he has played in, with the exception of just two or three innings in which the opposition were set relatively small targets in their second innings. It should be of no surprise to anyone if Bishoo ends up with an injury that will once again sideline his career and perhaps, this time forever. Maybe this weekend, more than a hundred people will show up to watch the Test match, but don’t bet on it.

One thing for sure, this lover of Test cricket who considers himself a purist at heart when it comes to cricket, will instead be watching the CPL at night and the England v Pakistan Test match during the daylight hours. I feel sad.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Z Rahaman

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