The art of the deal should be mastered

Dear Editor,

As a graduate student in London, I was introduced to the teachings of managerialism defended by a philosopher who coincidentally bore the surname of Burnham.

Burnham had posited that in years to come post the seventies the ordinary man would rise up to get rid of the banana republic despots and their kind who like parasites suck the blood of the host, meaning us, who are not in their unintellectual cabal. Burnham sought to argue that people will see politicians establishing elitism perhaps to continue a mockery of democracy.

With a growing global population of hungry souls on earth dependent on remittances from the family, the curtains of neo colonial structures and disdain for human rights, are all slowly coming back. Now is the wake-up call. This is the technological age and requires that people place their futures in the hands of proven businessmen who have done more than run cake shops and have sure ideas of financial management and a clear vision for their country.

People want back meritorious pathways to success, not party cards and the constant cry to tighten your belts, while politicians send their children to the best schools and tax their way to eminence.

The Republic of China which is not without its problems is mastering the art of the deal by allowing their young people to enjoy luxuries and a pristine infrastructure. After the Arab Spring, the collapse of Greece, the decimation of some Arab nations and of course Brexit, a tide was ushered in where majority populations were distrustful of minorities, and Trump took a fantastic gamble to go back to the cry of the South, taking the more than ironic stance by implication that America is white man’s country primarily. The ensuing maths left the Democrats in sad disarray, who did not even make sufficient headway with white women voters.

We have to immediately promote the Ministries of Business and Foreign Affairs to levels capable of pragmatism. All these old mechanisms of governmentt must be thrown out of the window. We are tired of sugar, bauxite and rice. Think outside the box; invite the Trump organization to invest in a PGA golf course. Bring Formula I to Guyana. Restore our horse race track that was stolen from us. Host a massive jazz festival for tourists once a year, and review Caricom. Take the shame out of our eyes and rush under Brazil’s coattails, for she is the only neighbour able to protect us in real terms.

I was a businessman of regional status and I have seen the pragmatism of the art of the deal. With a major swing of US policy oil can leave as precipitously as it came.

As the great book says, ye must be born again, so re-engineering the entire cabinet over at least a year will no doubt move us forward to an understanding of the game of thrones, as the world has now shifted. So read artfully Donald’s art of the deal, before you share Hillary’s fate. The worst word in politics now is respectfully.


Yours faithfully,

Denis Elton Moore

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