Minister has banned December leave

Dear Editor,

The government has been demanding, even making it mandatory that public servants must utilise their leave entitlement every year and rightly so.  Has this edict been changed? And when was the new procedure to be published?

On the 17th November a certain Minister announced to the staff that no leave will be granted in December. Is this universal policy or just applicable to the whims and fancies of this Minister to suit his purpose for the moment?

Either way this is great planning on the part of the Minister to deprive personnel of their leave at the nth hour, especially when leave was denied or grudgingly and sparingly given due to heavy work schedules during the year.  It is most unfair to those who have two weeks or more leave outstanding.  Cases have been adjourned accordingly, holiday plans have been finalised, reunions planned and tickets bought.  Now this new proclamation.  And why only now?

This is emotional workplace abuse causing psychological stress and distress.  And how does this Minister expect his staff to react? Will they be motivated to jump out of bed in the mornings ready to do a day’s work?

A clarification is necessary urgently in order for staff not to lose their benefits and entitlements.   Is this Minister’s order greater than the government’s decree?

Yours faithfully,

Hema Persaud

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