The regulation about tinted vehicles should apply to everyone

Dear Editor,

Tinted vehicles, some would argue, cause crimes and as such the policy is no tint. Normal citizens would tint their vehicles lightly in order to protect themselves from UV radiation, which is very stressful to deal with on a daily basis. The World Health Organisation has issued a report on the dangers of UV radiation from the sun, overexposure to which can have a series of health effects.

However, only the common man is being targeted by the police to have vehicle tints removed. But what about the business community which has tinted vehicles and is not made to remove them; police ranks and their relatives who have tints and are not made to remove them; police ranks who have vehicles working as taxis that are tinted and aren’t made to remove them; and even policy-makers and their relatives who have tinted vehicles and aren’t made to remove them? These vehicles are so heavily tinted all around that it’s even hard to see through from the inside.

It’s a fact that vehicle manufacturers recognise the effects of UV rays, which is why vehicles are being manufactured with tinted glass. However, tinted or untinted vehicles won’t put an end to crimes.

If I am made to remove my tint, then we all should do so. Our policy-makers and members of the Police Force should lead by example and we will follow. The law is for all of us, not just for the poor who are being victimised by it.


Yours faithfully,

Abhi Pradeep

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