Man has rebuilt fence on government reserve after Town Council removed it

Dear Editor,

A man has extended his fence in front of my house and land at Lima Dam, Essequibo, where I go in and out of my yard. This man never lived there, not for one day. His uncle was living on a piece of government reserve next door to me, but the uncle died and the man’s sister fenced in the piece of reserve that the uncle was living on.

I had an old car on the piece of reserve in front of me. They removed it, and the man removed a part of the fence his sister had there and extended it more than half its length in front of me.

I made a complaint to the Town Clerk of Anna Regina Town Council but they did nothing, so I visited the Ministry of Local Government office and made a complaint there. They made contact with the Town Clerk and they advised that the fence should be removed. The Town Clerk served two weeks’ notice on the man to remove the fence. He refused to comply and the council had to remove the fence and take it to the compound; that was in April, 2016.

On May 20, 2016 the man rebuilt the fence in front of me. I went back to the Town Council and told the Town Clerk what had happened. I wrote a letter to the Town Clerk. They visited the area to make a decision but to date they have done nothing.

I am asking the council to see that the man puts back the fence where it was. This land is not my land nor is it his land. The land belongs to the government since it is a reserve. The man has a piece at the side of that with a house on it as well as another piece not too far away with a house on it as well. This man and his family have no respect for the law. They have two houses on two pieces of reserve, and now they are bullying me for the piece in front of me.

I am kindly asking the people in authority to look into this matter speedily and let justice be served.


Yours faithfully,

Orsent King


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