Neighbour burns garbage under my bedroom window

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Stabroek News on its 30th anniversary of serving the nation.

I wish to draw your attention to a situation which I have from time to time with the environment where  I live in Diamond Housing Scheme.

My neighbour on the opposite side of the road burns her garbage on the parapet under my bedroom window; she also, on a daily basis disposes of her dog filth on my parapet which is planted up. She also threatened to destroy my papaw tree. Last Friday 18th, I got an electrician to do some work at my house and he complained of the foul smell coming from my parapet. On the same day my spouse went to the Diamond Police Station to make a report, the police came and spoke with the neighbour. I do not know what transpired between them and they left. After the police left we were abused in every way, including in relation to our disability (I am partially blind and my spouse is physically disabled).

All we are asking is for her to stop disposing of her dog filth on our parapet and burning garbage under our window so that we can live in peace.

Yours faithfully,

Laurie Greenidge

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