Long wait for pensioners collecting their books at Suddie

Dear Editor,

Disrespect for the elderly was very much in evidence on Wednesday last (November 16) when some 120 pensioners turned up at the Amerindian Hostel at Suddie to uplift their new book for next year. Not even for the sake of decency was there an indication from the Ministry of Social Protection office at Anna Regina as to what time the distribution would commence.

From my own observation as a pensioner, by 7.30 am scores of pensioners had already converged there in the expectation of getting early attention; some of them were so disabled they had to pay a special car fare to reach there by that time.

A female official arrived shortly after 10 am, but by this time some of the pensioners had gone away to return on another day. It is a common occurrence for some government employees to turn up to work at their own convenience. With the bottom flat of the hostel not having enough seating accommodation, many pensioners had to stand outside. Some also used the stairway of the hostel to sit on.

After being given a number and taking a seat, the system used caused a lot of discomfort since the pensioners had to shift from one chair to another many times before being able to get their books.

For myself and many others, some of whom were aided by walking sticks, getting up no less than thirty times only aggravated their plight.

My humble opinion is that they should do away with this system and implement one in which the pensioners on being seated with their numbers can be called upon to come forward in chronological order, so they get up only once for their book. Some pensioners had to wait as long as four hours to get their books.

Yours faithfully,

Baliram Persaud

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