Loud music disturbing neighbours and schoolchildren

Dear Editor,

I am taking this opportunity in your newspaper to voice my concern about the loud music in our neighbourhood every Thursday and Sunday.

Neighbours are very much annoyed and distressed about this situation. Owing to the loud music our children cannot have a good night’s sleep and cannot study. The bar (name provided) is situated in West Ruimveldt Estate.

The same bar also had gunshots going off and the police found a gun but they are still allowed to play their music very loudly, most times past 4am. Many calls were made to both Brickdam and Ruimveldt police stations. Police patrols would come and just pass allowing the music to go on. Our children are in the process of Christmas term exams, and they cannot study, not even on Sundays. The situation is in dire need of Minister Ramjattan’s intervention.

This bar is in the same street as he West Ruimveldt Primary School and many students live around here. Neigbours are frustrated about this since the police are not doing anything to help.


Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud for any comment he might wish to make.

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