NDC used Village Day for political mileage

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, November 13, there was an event  held at Bath Community Centre Ground called Bath Village Day.  I was made to understand that this was to celebrate the National Day of Villages, which was observed the previous week. I was told that it was organised and promoted by the Bath\Woodley Park NDC.  I must applaud the NDC for organising such an event and for adhering to the call by President David Granger for all to celebrate the first National Day of Villages.

One would have expected that this event would be organized so as to bring the people of Bath together in celebration, no matter what their political affiliation. But during the late hours of the evening, the event became a political one.  The PPP supervisor at Bath Freedom House and the NDC Vice Chairman took the platform and entertained the audience with political speeches and mudslinging against the government.

The PPP supervisor should have been ashamed to use some of the words he did, that were loud and clear through the microphone.  He was very disrespectful to the people of Bath at a public event.  It is surprising that the NDC allowed these men to use this event for political mileage. The supervisor plays no role within the NDC, and therefore has no right to dictate what should  happen within that or any other NDC in Region 5, as a matter of fact.  It doesn’t matter if the NDC is governed by the PPP, he has no right to intervene in the work or programmes of the NDC.

I would like to publicly bring to the attention of the NDC, that I reside within it, and I have the right to ask for accountability, especially for those public events held by the NDC.  I would also like accountability for the revenues collected from rentals of the said ground since the LGE earlier in the year.

It is surprising that the NDC allowed this event to become a political one.  Moreover some serious questions need to be asked such as: Where are the funds generated from this event? Who were the donors? Whose event was it (PPP or NDC)? If it was a PPP event, did they pay for the use of the ground? How will the funds generated be used?

Yours faithfully,

Abel Seetaram

Regional Councillor


Region 5  

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