APNU+AFC leaders have failed youths

Dear Editor,

It is a sad situation that our young people are faced with under the present APNU+AFC coalition government. Youths who are qualified are turned down by prospective employers for lack of working experience. How do they gain experience if they are not given a chance?

Those who are under qualified are doomed. They are not even considered for jobs and permission from their employers to attend the University of Guyana are often turned down. No one is looking out for them.

On the election campaign trail APNU+AFC leaders promised to provide jobs for our young people, but they have failed miserably on this promise. We are a young nation and Guyana cannot develop if this government does not look out for young people and stop stifling them. They should create programmes that would give our youths hope and the assurance of a bright future.

The government’s youth policy has not been effectively implemented to address the dire straits of our youths. Most of them are very disappointed by the flippant manner in which they are treated, since they formed the majority of electors who voted this government into office.

President Granger and relevant Ministers should understand that our youths are crying out for help. They should do something and fast. I am confident that with the great vision and purposeful efforts of those in charge, our citizens, especially the youths, would be the beneficiaries of their May 15, 2015 election manifesto promises.

Yours faithfully,

Tessa Joseph

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