The PPP/C spent $179M on the D’Urban land

Dear Editor,

I viewed the debate in the National Assembly concerning the D’Urban Park and was shocked when I heard the Minister of Public Infrastructure reveal to the nation that the then PPP/C government spent $179M on the D’Urban land. Given the fact that no one from the opposition disputed the Minister’s claim, that can only mean that it is totally factual.

Given that the Minister’s statement is truthful and given the fact that all Guyana would have seen the large jungle infested with reptiles and creatures of all descriptions which this government had to deal with to put up the current beauty called the D’Urban Park Stadium, I ask what really was done with $179M?

Editor, $179M is an easy number to pronounce but a difficult amount to accumulate, and it bothers me to know so much money was spent on an area that was left by the previous administration as a haven for criminals, a home for some dangerous species of animals, and a health hazard during the rainy season. It was a distraction from the beauty of Homestretch Avenue, an eyesore to the tourists and last but not least, a forest in the neighbourhood of the Ministry of the Presidency.

Editor, the Minister quoted from Hansard and informed the House and nation at large that years ago the area was swampy and a lot of resources were expended. Nevertheless, it was in a state when this government took office. In contrast to this, let me congratulate the government for what was done to this area. We now have before us an area that is available to the public for both secular and religious celebrations, which can accommodate more than 30 000 people at any one time. We have a stadium where the largest flag in Guyana was hoisted for the first time on May 26, 2015. We have a stadium that beautifies the area and encourages the residents around to keep their premises just as, or even more beautiful. The D’Urban Park Stadium is a monumental symbol in our country that will never become a white elephant, because Guyanese of all walks of life will assemble again in their numbers on February 22, 2017 onwards. Thank you APNU+AFC for this most welcome facility.

Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Mahipaul

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