Hinds rides off with the spoils

First place trophies for Team Gillette Evolution (TGE) just keeps on piling up.

Yesterday at the National Park, TGE’s Orville Hinds rode off with the spoils of the feature 35 -lap event of the Diamond Mineral Water multi-race programme.

His second victory for the season which came in one hour, 19 minutes and 58 seconds was the eighth for his team in 11 races staged this season.

Orville Hinds
Orville Hinds

Race after race, TGE cements its status as the premier club on the local cycling circuit.

Besides the winner’s trophy, Hinds, who won with about a half mile gap, also pedaled away with four of the eight sprint prizes. His club mate, Raul Leal, who placed third, pocketed three while second place finisher, Junior Niles took the other.

Winston Primo, Christopher Griffith and Paul De Nobrega filled out the top six positions.

Hinds, last year’s most successful wheelsman, stopped the clock far below the time registered by last year’s winner Jeban Crawford who completed the event in one hour 17 minutes 10 seconds.

Other winners yesterday included: Niles (veteran’s under 50-five lap event), Raphael Leung (Juveniles -10 laps), Keon Thomas (Mountain Bikes), Shay Sue-Hang (BMX 6-9 years), Adelie Hodge (BMX 9-12 years) and Jeremiah Harrison (12-14 years).

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