Underdogs B/dos hope to make Green Machine see red

—- But Guyana’s coach Laurie Adonis says locals `fit and ready’

The Barbados national 15s rugby squad arrived here yesterday for their 2016 Rugby Americas North (RAB) championships which is a precursor for the 2019 World Cup and wasted no time in claiming the underdog tag against the hosts.

However, the visitors will be gunning for a victory despite lacking the pedigree and silverware of their more celebrated counterparts. Team Barbados is here on a quest to turn that around by upsetting the recently indestructible ‘Green Machine’.

Following their arrival at the Ogle International Airport, Coach of the Barbados side, Romeo Mayers, stated that it would be the “ultimate challenge in defeating Guyana at home” but it is possible.

The Barbados national 15s rugby outfit pose for a photo before checking into the Sleep In Hotel yesterday afternoon. 
The Barbados national 15s rugby outfit pose for a photo before checking into the Sleep In Hotel yesterday afternoon.

“I believe anything is possible but I will leave everything on the pitch. I don’t know how the day will turn out but we don’t come to play not to win, we play to expect a positive result.”

Today’s match at the National Park comes in the aftermath of Guyana drubbing the visitors 48-22 last year at the same venue.

Keys to victory?

“Team work” said Mayers. “That is the main thing, the players supporting each other and having each other’s back.”

Meanwhile, Laurie Adonis, coach of the national outfit told media operatives on Wednesday his charges are “fit and ready” since they have been training intensely in recent weeks

Kick off time for today’s encounter is 16:00hrs.

After the national team open their Rugby America’s North (RAN) campaign this afternoon, the 2014 NACRA 15’s champions then tackle Jamaica on May 21 and Trinidad on June 19.

Once the national team is victorious in the above encounters, they will play the winner of the Northern Zone for the overall RAN title and move onto other Qualifiers in a bid for a World Cup berth. Patrons are encouraged to wear yellow or green in support of the national ruggers.  (Emmerson Campbell)

Guyana (The Green Machine)  National Men’s Squad
Forwards                Club
Jason Tyrell        Hornets
Rondel Mcarthur    University Of Guyana
Rickrord Cummings    Hornets
Kevon David        Yamaha Caribs
Jose Felicien        Hornets
Dwayne Schroder    Guyana Defence Force
Jamal Angus        University Of Guyana
Richard Staglon        Yamaha Caribs/Caribs Rfc Trinidad
Jacques Archibald    University Of Guyana
Delroy Gordon        Hornets
Fabian Joseph        University Of Guyana
Treavin Selman        University Of Guyana
Ryan Gonsalves        Hornets
Pebo Hamilton        Hornets/Trinidad Northerns
Dane Parks         Hornets/Trinidad Northerns
Lancelot Adonis    University Of Guyana
Triton Brathwaite    Guyana Defence Force
Avery Corbin        Guyana Defence Force
Ronald Mayers        Hornets/Trinidad Northerns
Patrick King        Guyana Defence Force
Leon Greaves        Hornets
Godfrey Brooms    University Of Guyana
Ryan Dey          University Of Guyana
Keifer Lopez        University Of Guyana
Elwin Chase        Hornets
Tobby David        Hornets 
N.B   In 2014 Guyana beat Barbados and obtained its highest rank of 56 in World Rugby. The team has maintained their posture as they are ranked 55 currently after falling from 54, while Barbados rank 77 falling from 76.

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