Spartans, Joseph- sponsored Independence dominoes tourney set to commence tomorrow

A week long Independence dominoes tournament is set to get underway Monday at the Dynasty Sports Club and Bar.

Faye Joseph
Faye Joseph
 Mark Wiltshire
Mark Wiltshire

The tournament, sponsored by Spartans Dominoes Team and Faye Joseph, president of the Georgetown Dominoes Association, is expected to attract the country’s top teams, organizer Mark Wiltshire said yesterday.

According to Wiltshire who is the senior Organising Secretary of the GDA, the tournament which is set to conclude next weekend, is a lucrative one.

With an entrance fee of $10,000 per team, the winning team is set to receive $150,000 with $75,000 to the second placed team and $40,000 for the team placing third.

Wiltshire said all the rules of the GDA will be in effect and there will also be a strict dress code with no armless or short pants clothing allowed.

There will also be only one reentry.

Interested teams can contact Wiltshire or Joseph.


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