Guyanese umpires successful at Level Three coaching course

Four Guyanese umpires recently completed Phase One and Two of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Level Three Coaching Course conducted by the England Cricket Board (ECB) in Barbados.

Phase One of the course ran from May 1 to May 8 while the second leg ran from May 31 to June 4.

Guyana Jaguars’ Head Coach Esaun Crandon, Assistant Coach/Manager Rayon Griffith, National Under-15 Coach Julian Moore and the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Territorial Development Officer (TDO) Colin Stuart were among the successful participants.

The attendees of the WICB/ECB Level Three Coaches course in Barbados.
The attendees of the WICB/ECB Level Three Coaches course in Barbados.

According to a GCB which gave a detailed report of the course, batting, spin bowling and fielding, skill acquisition, coaching philosophy inclusive of an examination of the Myers-Briggs Type indicators (MBTI), tactical analysis and decision making were among the topics discussed during the first phase.

The second aspect of the course was said to be based on suspect bowling actions, its identification, recommended procedures and remediation processes.

Stuart said he felt the course was worthwhile, since it provided some new concepts which can be used to identify the

natural abilities in players while part two explored principles surrounding bio-mechanics, wicket keeping training and match approaches, essential elements of pace bowling, psychological profiling of players.

He noted that the course was particularly valuable to all participants across the region as it targeted the importance of psychology in cricket such as; psychological profiling of players, the importance of building structural relations among team members so as to ensure productivity, effectively assessing suspect bowling actions, discussing possible alternatives or solutions and exploring a variety of drills suited for remediation of bowlers.

It also included the three (3) assessment activities which targeted Individual Coaching, Group coaching and Player assessment, analysis and remediation. The successful completion of the two phases now given Guyana a total of four WICB/ECB Level Three Coaches.


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