GFF begins search for new General Secretary


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has begun the search for a General Secretary following the dismissal of Deidre Davis earlier this year.

Davis’s tenure with the GFF began in February 2015 and she was appointed to the post in September that year.

Her services were terminated June 22nd this year owing to her “unsatisfactory performance” according to the GFF.

Following the termination of her services Davis had accused the GFF of acting in bad faith.

“At no time during the tenure of the Executive Committee was I informed or given a warning notice on my purported deficiencies and unsatisfactory performance as required by Section 11 (4) of the Guyana Labour Laws. It is in this regard that I would consider my termination in bad faith and unjust,” she later said.

However president of the GFF Wayne Forde in refuting Davis’s claims had stated that there were certain lapses by Davis.

Wayne Forde
Wayne Forde
Deidre Davis
Deidre Davis

“It is unfortunate that the former GS would choose to put something like that into the public domain. Of course the Federation is very satisfied that it has more than enough correspondence between herself and the Federation, outlining shortcomings of the secretariat,” he had said.  According to a release from the GFF, the submission of applications for the position started yesterday and the closing date for entries is September 9.

Morrison Jones is the acting General Secretary.

According to the release, “The General Secretary will function as the Chief Executive of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) in a full time position with responsibility for the administration of the Secretariat and for managing the key activities of the Federation in compliance with the organizational regulations.

“The execution of the duties will be in accordance with the directions and policies established by the Executive Committee with the aim of assisting the Executive Committee in its governance functions of the Guyana Football Federation.”

The release indicated that the responsibilities of the General Secretary will include, (1) Organizing the Congresses and meetings of the Executive Committee and other bodies of the Federation, (2) Attending the Congresses and meetings of the Executive Committee, Emergency Committee and the standing and ad-hoc committees, (3) Compiling the minutes for the meetings of the Congresses, Executive Committee, Emergency Committee and standing and ad-hoc committees, (4)Implementing decisions passed by Congress and the Executive Committee in compliance with the President’s directions, (5)Attending to the correspondence of the Federation, (6)Developing appropriate and constructive working relationships with the Federation’s Members, the Guyana Olympic Association, CFU, CONCACAF and FIFA, (7) Maintaining the operational efficiency of the Secretariat by managing office operations, policies and procedures, (8) Liaising with the President on issues pertaining to the daily functioning of the Secretariat, (9) Recommending to the President the appointment and dismissal of staff for the Secretariat and (10) Executing any other function that may be assigned by the President from time to time.

The requirements for the position are (1) Post-Graduate Degree in Management, Business Management, Public Administration or Human Resource Management, (2) Candidates should have a minimum of 8 – 10 years professional experience in a senior management position, (3) Strong organizational and planning skills, (4) Proven office management and administrative experience, (5) Excellent management skills with the ability to prioritize and delegate tasks, (6) Ability to maintain a flexible work schedule to meet the demands of executive management, (7) Strong oral and written communication skills, (8) Excellent IT skills, including knowledge of a range of software packages and (9) Experience in sports management will be an asset.


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