Gayle and Bravo launch new condom line in India

NEW DELHI, India,  CMC- Two of the world’s leading cricketers, Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo, have become the new faces of an Indian condom brand named Skore.

Their faces and signatures were displayed on large boxes of the Champion Skore condom series during the launch in India on Thursday.

Gayle and Bravo, also two of the leading cricketers in the West Indies, are extremely popular in India where they ply their trade in the lucrative Indian Premier League as well as other T20 tournaments around the world.

Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle
Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle

“I’m here looking at myself on a condom box. It’s just amazing. Chris Gayle on a condom box. Unbelievable eh! Jesus! I love it, I’m getting goose bumps. Remember safe sex is important. Fellas, practice it,” said Gayle during the launch.

“It’s a great concept for cricketers or superstars to raise awareness not only in India but around the world.  We are going to push awareness not only in India but around the world, and score. Sometimes we score quickly but sometimes we have to take it down as well”.

During the launch, Gayle and Bravo, answered questions on a stage, executed the champion dance and held up boxes of Champion condoms for an audience.

The champion dance refers to particular moves originated by Bravo in support of his song, Champion, which became a mega-hit after West Indies recaptured the ICC T20 World Cup earlier this year.

The new Champion product range offers multi-textured as well as ultra-thin condoms.

“I personally enjoy being the brand ambassador for Skore. It’s associated with fun, joy in life,” said Bravo.

“Life is about having fun. Not too much fun, but (it’s) good to have that balance where it’s important (to) be responsible. Even though you’re having fun, still be smart and score off the field like a champion”.

The new line of Champion condoms is being marketed using the tag line: Why be a player when you can be a Champion.


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