Men’s team defeat Guernsey, women’s team lose to Qatar

—42nd Chess Olympiad, Baku

Led by wins from Anthony Drayton and Taffin Khan on boards one and two and a draw by Haifeng Su on board four, Guyana’s men’s team defeated Guernsey boasting four Candidate Masters CM by two and one half points to one and a half when the 42nd Chess OIympiad continued yesterday in Baku, Azerbaijan.

PAGE2&31.QXDDrayton, playing with the black pieces defeated (CM) Peter Kirby, FIDE rated 2014 while Khan with white won against (CM) Peter Rowe, FIDE ranked 1966.

Guernsey, however rebounded to score a win on board three with Ronuel Greenidge going down to (CM) Toby Brookfeed FIDE ranked 1909 before Su held on for a draw with the 1940 FIDE ranked Candidate Master Andrew Hale giving the Guyanese victory in the tie.

PAGE2&31.QXDMeanwhile, the women’s team went under to Qatar 1-3 with Maria Varona-Thomas on board one and Sheriffa Ali on board three securing draws.

Thomas drew with Woman Candidate Master Aisha Al-Khelaifi (FIDE ranked 1685) while Ali drew with Kholoud Al-Khelaifi (FIDE ranked 1492).

However Jessica Clementon on board two was defeated by Woman FIDE Master Fatima Al-Khulaifi (FIDE ranked 1584) while her sister Julia Clementson lost to Woman Candidate Master Alshaymaa Safar (FIDE ranked 1603).

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