Fraser cops girls U14 title

Kalyca Fraser secured the girls U14 title after she defeated Sarah Klautky in the final of the annual Bakewell Junior tennis championships  at the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) courts.

Kalyca Fraser
Kalyca Fraser

Fraser defeated Klautky 4-2 4-5(6/8) 10/8. In the semi-final Fraser crushed Ciara Pooran 4/0 4/3 while Klautky dismissed Nathalie Ramdyhan 4/0 4/2.

In earlier matches of the U14 division, Fraser crushed Nathalie Ramdyhan 4/0 4/1 while Ramdyhan gained a walkover from Akilah Jones.

Meanwhile, in the girls U18 semi-final, Nicola Ramdyhan blanked Margaret Subryan 6/0 6/0 while Kalyca Fraser overcame Shivani Persaud 7/5, 6/0.

In the earlier matches Persaud brushed aside Kureece King and Alana Chung 6/0 6/0 respectively while Margaret Subryan defeated Ching via a walkover.

The event will resume today at the National Racquet Centre with the boys U12 final at 12:30pm between Jeremiah Kalekyezi and Vadeanand Resaul followed by the girls U18 final between Ramdyhan and Fraser. The closing ceremony will occur after the final match.

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