Fifth Payless Variety Store 11-race programme Saturday in National Park

Andrew Hicks

The 2016 cycling season will resume on Saturday in the National Park with the staging of the fifth annual Payless Variety Store 11-race programme.

According to organizer of the event, Hassan Mohamed, the day’s activities is scheduled to pedal off at 09:00hrs and is geared towards attracting the cream of the nation’s wheelsmen.

Incentives along with trophies will be rewarded to the top riders in each event.

Mohamed also noted that a fiercely contested day of racing is anticipated since all the riders will be keen on taking pole position. US-based Geron Williams, Team Evolution’s Orville Hinds, Michael Anthony, Marlon Williams along with the inform Team Coco’s riders like Hamza Eastman and Raynauth Jeffrey are some of the big names that will be pedaling for the top honors in the feature 35-lap event.

Berbician, Andrew Hicks took the top honors of last year’s feature event in one hour, 26 minutes and seven seconds but with the line up scheduled to saddle up in two days, he will be hard pressed to repeat. Other events that will roll off include:the 12 to 14 years boys and girls (3 laps), veterans over-50 years (5 laps), veterans over-60 years (5 laps), upright cyclists (5 laps), BMX boys open (3 laps), BMX boys 12 to 14 years (3 laps), BMX boys 9 to 12 years (3 laps) and BMX boys 6 to 9 years (3 laps ).

The Juveniles along with the Veterans Under-50 races are slated to be keenly contested.

Ian Jackson (Veterans Under-50), Nigel Duguid (Boys 12-14) and Seon Budhan (Mountain Bikes) were the top bikers in their categories last year.

Staff members of Payless Variety Store are expected to be on hand to assist in the presentation of prizes to the top performers.

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