Doug Gore is champion driver

-Jeffrey, Prince star

The winner of the 2016 Moto America Superstock 600 Championship, Bryce Prince going full throttle on the saddle with the UK’s Matt Trulove trailing close behind. (Orlando Charles photo)

Jamaican ace driver Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore won the champion driver trophy but Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey and the USA’s Bryce Prince were the stars of South Dakota yesterday in the electrifying finale of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC).

Jeffrey, the champion driver during the last two seasons, showed his daredevil class and swept the first two events in the CMRC Group 4 category before encountering mechanical problems prior to the start of the final race which was won by Gore.

Prince however rode in faultless fashion to set the track ablaze in the super bike category.

The winner of the 2016 Moto America Superstock 600 Championship won all three of his races after executing on the bends and the straights with military precision.

Meanwhile, CMRC Group 2 and 3 champions, Barbados’ Mark Thompson and Trinidad’s Paul Vieira, were in sublime form yesterday and drove unbeaten in each of their three races.

Vieira’s checkered flag waving heroics padded the unassailable lead Trinidad had on the CMRC points table and the speed demons from the Twin Island Republic more than likely regained the coveted country award from Guyana.

The official scores will be made known tonight during the grand closing ceremony at the Marriott Hotel.

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