Weekend Golf Report

Winners’ row for The Persauds, Suknanan, Deo

Max and Pur Persaud took top honours in the Macorp 10th Annual Classic Golf tournament held last Saturday at the Lusignan Golf Club, whilst Jaipaul  Suknanan and Joaan Deo  were victorious in Sunday’s GYCANAM partners competition at the same venue.

Saturday’s competition was “flighted by handicap”, similar to the Guyana Open of the previous weekend. The Persauds, playing in the 10-18 handicap category, produced amazing and wonderful play. Patanjalee ‘Pur’ (66/16), was runner-up to his younger relative, Parmanand ‘Max’ Persaud (66/13), who made up for not hitting the leader board last weekend. The Persauds were followed by Richard Haniff (69/15), Roy Cummings (70/ 13), and Hilbert Shields (71/15).

In the 0-9 handicap category, (considered to be the Championship flight), Club vice-president Patrick Prashad (67/9), edged out former Guyana Open champion Mohanlall ‘Santo’ Dinanauth (69/7) for first place.

Max and Pur Persaud, Macorp winners
Max and Pur Persaud, Macorp winners

In the 19 – 36 handicap category, veteran Maurice Solomon (70/24) finished in the runner-up position to Balgobin Ragnauth (67/26), who has consistently been in the winners’ circle for several weeks now.

Other close contenders in this category were Carlos Adams (70/26), and Laksmana Ramroop (71/23).

Winners of the Best Net Score prizes were; 4th, Balgobin Ragnauth (67), 3rd, Patrick Prashad (67), 2nd, ‘Pur’ Persaud (66), and 1st, ‘Max’ Persaud (66).

Nearest to The Pin (6’) was ‘Max’ Persaud, while the Best Gross was a duel between Prashad and Dinanauth, with the latter winning on the back-nine count back.

Sunday’s competition was the second successive GYCANAM tournament. The tournament was sponsored by a group of Guyanese living in Canada and the United States of America, along with local residents. The event took the format of a partners’ tournament, commenced with a shotgun start, and was contested over 12 holes. The handicap applied to the twelve competing pairings, was 1/2 of the combined handicap of each duo.

Jaipaul Suknanan (36/3) and Joaan Deo (31/11) with a combined total of (67/14), were the winners. In second place, was the father and son team of Fazil Haniff (35/7) and Richard Haniff (33/5) who combined for a team score of (68/12).

Three teams finished tied with a combined net total of 70.

In third place was the team of Mike Gayadin (35/6) and Hilbert Shields (35/8), for a combined score of (70/14), while the team of Mike Mangal (36/5) and Brian Hackett (34/10) finished in fourth place. In fifth place was the team of Mohanlall Dinanauth (33/4) and Deanand Bissessar (37/14).

Nearest to The Pin was won by Joaan Deo, while Richard Haniff had the Longest Drive.

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