GABF announces squad for Jamaica Tri-Nation Invitational Series

The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) has shortlisted their senior squad for the upcoming Jamaica Tri-Nation Invitational Series, slated for November 25th-28th at the Jamaica National Indoor Sports Centre.

The 13 member roster consists of Shane Webster (Colts), Jermaine Slater (Ravens), Nathan Saul (Pacesetters), Dominique Vincente (Ravens), Nikkoloi Smith (Plaisance Guardians), Terron Welch (Half Mile Bulls), Michael Turner (Half Mile Bulls), Travis Belgrave (Eagles), Stanton Rose (Colts), Roger John (Pacesetters), Jason Squires (Pepsi Sonics), Curt English (Colts) and Akeem Kanhai (University of Guyana Trojans).

Mark Agard will serve in the capacity of head-coach while his assistants will be Abdul Hamid and Junior Hercules. The manager of the team is Troy Green. The other competing teams in the tourney are American Basketball Association’s (ABA) semi pro outfit the Libertyville Vipers, the Jamaican Senior team and the Jamaica U21 national team.

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