The teams at yesterday’s opening ceremony at the National Stadium, Providence.

Following yesterday’s colorful march past of this year’s National Schools Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships at the National Stadium, Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry trumpeted the importance of sport during the feature address of the opening ceremony.

“Sport, like music, is a universal language. It is a powerful medium for social and economic change” Henry stated.

The  Minister added that “The government recognizes the important role that sports plays, not only for social cohesion and economic and national development but it education as well.”

Henry noted as a result, the government has been keen to provide substantial finances and attention towards the development and enhancement of sporting facilities, gears, training equipment and the inclusion of sports in the school’s curriculum.

The Minister emphasized that the inclusion of sport in the school’s curriculum is very timely as it is a well known fact that there is a correlation between a sound mind and a healthy body.

“If we are to produce mentally alert, energetic and healthy children, then they must be involved in sport and games.”

During Henry’s address, she added “It is not by chance, therefore, that the development of sport by the government is one of its priorities.”

Brief remarks were also made by president of the Guyana Teacher’s Union (GTU), Mark Lyte.

The track and field events will continue on a daily basis for the remainder of the week at the National Stadium with action starting at 09:00hrs.

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