Carlsen wins crucial 10th gameBy Donald Duff in New York

Defending champion Magnus Carlsen yesterday revived his chance for a successful title defence when he won the crucial 10th game of the Fide World Chess Champion-ships against challenger Serjey Karjakin to even the match at four points apiece with two games remaining in the 12-match series at the Fulton Market Building South Street Seaport, Manhattan, New York.

 Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen

Playing the best match of the series so far Carlsen forced Karjakin’s resignation after 75 moves, the Russian resigning after white played Kf6.

It was the win Carlsen had craved for much of the tournament and yesterday’s triumph breathed new life into a contest which was seemingly heading in the Russian’s direction with time and opportunities seeming to be running out for the defending champ.

Once again the Ruy Lopez opening was used and Carlsen soon found himself in a spot of bother as he allowed the black knight to infiltrate his kingside and occupy h3 where it was to be a bit of a nuisance.

To make matters worse Carlsen was lured into trading off his white bishop which was the only piece that could have forced the departure of the knight.

But as black weakened his kingside seeking to double his rook and queen, white found compensation in the position and after the queens were exchanged the position appeared equal.

However, the black king which had moved from the kingside to the queenside found itself under attack from white’s rook and knight and white finally was able to win a pawn in the endgame and force black’s resignation.

The penultimate game will be played tomorrow.

Following are the moves:-

e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bb5 Nf6 d3 Bc5 c3 0-0 Bg5 h6 Bh4 Bc7 0-0 d6 Nbd2 Nh5 Bxe7 Qxe7 Nc4 Nf4 Ne3 Qf6 g3 Nh3+ Kh1 Ne7 Bc4 c6 Bb3 Ng6 Qe2 a5 a4 Be6 Bxe6 fxe6 Nd2 d5 Qh5 Ng5 h4 Nf3 Nxf3 Qxf3+ Qxf3 Rxf3 Kg2 Rf7 Rfe1 h5 Nf1 Kf8 Nd2 Ke7 Re2 Kd6 Nf3 Raf8 Ng5 Re7 Rae1 Rfe8 Nf3 Nh8 d4 exd4 Nxd4 g6 Re3 Nf7 e5+ Kd7 Rf3 Nh6 Rf6 Rg7 b4 axb4 cxb4 Ng8 Rf3 Nh6 a5 Nf5 Nb3 Kc7 Nc5 Kb8 Rb1 Ka7 Rd3 Rc7 Ra3 Nd4 Rd1 Nf5 Kh3 Nh6 f3 Rf7 Rd4 Nf5 Rd2 Rh7 Rb3 Re8e7 Rd2d3 Rh8 Rb1 Rh8h7 b5 cxb5 Rxb5 d4 Rb6 Rc7 Nxe6 Rc3 Nf4 Rh7c7 Nd4 Rc3xd3 Nxc7 Kb8 Nb5 Kc8 Rxg6 Rxf3 Kg2 Rb3 Nd6+ Nxd6 Rxd6 Re3e6 Kc7 Rxd4 Rxe6 Rd5 Rh6 Kf3 Kb8 Kf4 Ka7 Kg5 Rh8 Kf6 1-0

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