Ramdhani attends badminton workshop

National badminton player Narayan Ramdhani, preparing for a series of tournaments come 2017, attended the National Coaching Certification Programme Shuttle Time workshop on December 27 at the Shuttlesport Badminton Academy in Port Coquitlam.

In picture Narayan Ramdhani and one of his students.

According to a press release, Ramdhani, who is currently in Vancouver, Canada on a badminton scholarship, stated that the workshop was to keep him abreast of the recent developments in his training methods.

According to the release, the first half of the workshop focused on the correct method of doing specific badminton skills; classroom management and “trying out the drills” while the second half of the workshop was  the practical aspect where each player was earmarked to teach the group using the lesson plans.

Practical demonstrations were done by Clarence Liu and Yolanda Chang – Clear with Scissor Jump; Zach Fan – Drop with Scissor Jump

Narayan Ramdhani and Jordan Beatty – Serve and Rally; Aaron Collette and  David Luo – Midcourt drives; Negin Jafari and Daryl Yang – Backhand Lift

Rey – Smash and block; Mandinu DaSilva – Net & Lunge and Thomas Wong – Grip Change and Footwork.

Alvin Lau of the Badminton British Colombia conducted the course.

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