Ssignal launches album of national songs

Ssignal Productions last month launched its album of national songs, ‘Songs of Guyana’s Children’ in the Conference Hall at the National Library, one of the three things that the production company wanted to do to commemorate Guyana’s 50th Anniversary.

Producer and singer Bonny Alves, addressing the small gathering, said, “In June 2015, I had a vision to do something for the fiftieth anniversary. I wanted to do something really special because I’m a Guyanese. I thought of three things: a movie, a CD and a jazz concert.

20160514Songs“For the movie I wanted to do something really Guyanese. The Baccoo and the Ole Higue came to mind. We were more in favour of doing the Ole Higue and so on February 7, Ole Higue was launched at the National Cultural Centre.”

The album on CD was the second of the three to be launched.

‘Songs of Guyana’s Children’ comprises 11 songs: “Let us Cooperate”, “My Native Land,” “Way Down in Demerara,” “Our Eldorado,” “My Guyana Eldorado,” “50 Years Together,” “Song of Guyana’s Children,” “Work,” “Oh Beautiful Guyana,” “Guyana the Free” and the National Anthem.

Singers are Charmaine Blackman, Devon Denny, Bonny Alves, Faith Corrica, Winston Zar Caesar, EGO, Michelle Gobin, King Perai, Natoya London, Amanda Peters, Henry Rodney, Shameeza Wong, Mariatha Causway, Dawn Edwards, Compton Magus Leacock, Denis Alves, Patrick Eze Rockcliff, Abigail James and Roxanne Whaul.

“In Guyana we can sing all different genres,” Bonny said. “You bring them big guys from outside and put them here and they can’t do it. We don’t celebrate our artistes the way we should… We need to celebrate our Guyanese.”

Noting that the CD was part of Ssignal’s contribution to the fiftieth anniversary, he added, “We’re hoping that these songs awaken the patriotic spirit within us. The movie was to bring out our awareness of the folklore. The jazz concert is to display our Guyanese talent at its best.”

After Bonny’s opening remarks, four song videos were shown: “Let Us Cooperate,” “Way Down in Demerara,” “My Native Land” and “Oh Beautiful Guyana.” Afterwards the gathering was treated to a thrilling 45 minutes of Ole Higue.

Ssignal Productions acknowledged DeSinco Trading, Majesty Creole Restaurant, Cool Square and the National Library.

With two of the three things ticked off the list Ssignal Productions is yet to deliver the jazz concert slated for this August. The concert is an annual one and this year’s will be its fourth.

For copies of ‘Songs of Guyana’s Children’ persons can contact Ssignal Productions on 675-5398, 626-7671 or 233-0680.


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