Naomi ‘Young Royalty’ Horsford is one to watch in the music industry. Her latest song, “Invasion” is receiving much airplay on radios and televisions all across Guyana.

During an interview with The Scene, the smiling and vibrant ‘Young Royalty,’ revealed, “I’m a Guyanese-born European Antilles citizen. I was born at the Georgetown Public Hospital and left a month later with my mom to reunite with my dad.

20160723Young Royalty3“My early years I spent in England and in St Maarten, Netherland Antilles. Then when I was eight years old I returned to Guyana.”

Now 16 years old, the Reggae artiste says she represents overcoming inferiority and stands for positivity and obviously being ‘Young Royalty’ her signature colour to accentuate the name is purple.

Naomi has been singing or “annoyingly singing” as she puts it, from as young as four years old. She said she sang about everything. In fact if her mother was washing or cooking she would sing about that and like a stuck record, she would sing the same sentence or two over and over.

20160723Young RoyaltyBut, singing has always been in her blood. Her father is Brandon Horsford, a musician in the UK. And while daddy’s talent rubbed off, mommy, the owner of Parmigina’s Franchise (a food business) is Naomi’s songwriter. Together they have come up with three originals so far – “Invasion,” “Losing the Youths” and “Mercy,” still to be released. Her mother, who’s also her hairdresser, Naomi said, is her best friend and backbone.

She clarified why her mother is her backbone. “I’ve attended St Anthony’s Nursery/Primary in Slough, England, the Jennifer Deeweer Primary in St Maarten and in Guyana, Apex Academy Primary/Secondary, Full Benefit Academy Private Tutoring, Institute of Personal Education [IPE] and currently at Institute of Academic Excellence. My mom always demanded nothing but the absolute best for me, in which she was never fearful or hesitant in moving forward towards the most protective, convenient and comfortable environment. My mother would have often said that I would change a hundred schools if I have to until I get my money’s worth.”

Naomi also implied that it was her mother who pushed her to sing out loud and not to hide her talent.

“The reason I sing is to send a message to the younger people. Seeing what they’re doing has bewildered me. There’s too much negative and I want to inspire them,” she said.

“Singing has bettered me vocally and has given me a sense of responsibility in being a positive role model to my fans. It has also given me a sense of commitment and accomplishment. It has taught me discipline; the way I eat, going to the gym, the way I use my vocals, speaking softly as to protect my voice and refraining from cold beverages.”

Naomi adds that she’s figured out that Michael Jackson spoke so softly as to protect his voice.

20160723Young Royalty2She said music has taught her something very important. “Music has taught me the real meaning of love – love in all dimensions; love for my life, love for my parents, love for the people who create the topics that I sing about, love for the people who make music with me, love for the people who support my music, love for the world.”

According to the artiste she’s been getting positive feedback from across the globe ever since her online radio interview with US Show “Black & White.”

So far, she has performed at Cool Square Karaoke, Plaisance Guinness Bar, 32 Karaoke Bar (Plaisance Line Top), Bounty Supermarket Xmas 2012 and at Maranatha Ministries which her grandfather, local poet/author, Vanrick Beresford pastors. During her years of professional singing, Naomi said, a most memorable moment was after doing the cover of “Liquor Store Blues” the first fan comment on her page was, ‘#I am a big fan!!! Love you, love what you’re doing and love your music!’

Naomi said Guyana needs to show much more respect for local artistes and embrace the culture more. She believes that investment in our local artistes would bring Guyana to an international level. Naomi wishes also that the copyright law can be dealt with ASAP.

Once the tables are turned however, she becomes a fan too and dreams of meeting Michelle Obama and her daughters someday. Had Nelson Mandela been alive it would have been an honour to have met him, she said.

Her free time would see her reading science books, watching tutorials on YouTube, practicing yoga, listening to inspiring music, watching “American Idol” and “The Voice”, working out at the gym, swimming, going to church and hanging out at the weekends with her best friend for ten years, Ghia Fraser. Naomi also loves reading her favourite book The Body and spending time with her two mixed breed dachshunds which she adores. With a chef for a mother she enjoys eating just about anything that’s delicious yet healthy.

Naomi someday hopes to become a radiologic technologist and to explore everything there is to know about computers and technology which is another hobby.

Young Royalty is expected to perform at her first show ‘Culture Shellings Show’ tonight in Berbice and on July 30 at Camptown Football Ground in Georgetown alongside nine artistes including the famous Natty King.

She extends an invitation to all to check out her Facebook page at Young Royalty and look for her music on YouTube.




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