NAREI focused on technology, greening in agri sector

As the requirements of domestic food security and the need to maximize opportunities to consolidate international market share place increasing demands on Guyana’s agricultural sector, the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) is focusing increasing attention on the development and transfer of appropriate technologies ”to promote balanced, diversified and sustained agricultural production” and doing more to promote hinterland agricultural development, according to the Institute’s 2016 Annual Report.

In its report NAREI says that its application of “appropriate technologies” has been concentrated in the area of diversification initiatives aimed at evaluating new named crop options including red creole onion, Irish potato and watermelon. NAREI says in its 2016 report that its scientific work has also focused on improving the production and productivity of other named crops including hot peppers and cassava and the expansion and the introduction of Black Sigatoka-resistant plantain cultivars…..