Bourda St vending undergoing transformation

Vendors trading from stalls in Bourda Street will have to give up their trading positions for around two weeks, beginning immediately, to allow for repairs to the roadway which has deteriorated continually over the years.

Stabroek Business was on hand on Wednesday to witness the temporary suspension of trading on the entire length of Bourda Street between Regent Street and North Road, an exercise which Town Clerk Royston King said was being undertaken “with the full co-operation of the vendors.”

City Hall workers and vendors engaging prior to the start of the road repair works on Bourda street

Unsurprisingly, and notwithstanding the Town Clerk’s assurances, police were on hand to witness the removal of the vendors’ stalls, even as King, who had turned up to oversee the exercise, appeared anxious to ensure that the exercise proceeded without incident.

King told Stabroek Business that the temporary displacement to facilitate the repairs to the roadway would also be used as an opportunity to pursue the further upgrading of the market environment. He said that the vendors would not be allowed to resume work with their old stalls but would be required to erect new stalls to specifications provided by the municipality, a move which he said was intended to bring an enhanced sense of order to the regime that obtains at the market.

King said that similar upgrading plans are on stream in the area accommodating hairdressers.


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