New Year’s resolutions

What Lindeners say about…

Photos and interviews by: Oliceia Tinnie and David Papannah

Leslie Barnwell- Security

‘My new year’s resolution is to ask God almighty for health and strength, prosperity and success in the future and the future years to come. So far things have been working along those lines so I’m looking forward to achieving greater things throughout the year.’

Rawle Isaacs- Labourer

`For this new year I’m hoping to continue to develop my relationship with my family, since we live so close to each other and can help when we can. I’m hoping to maintain work and continue to provide for my family because there are many persons who are not in a position to do so. Any honest job that I can get throughout the year I’m looking to get.’

Feliz Robertson- Radio broadcaster

`My new year resolution has a lot to do with working harder and making more money. I find that being a single parent mom you can never have enough to do everything that you need to do. Also this year I want to not only do more work in terms of my job but I also want to study. I’ve noticed that people won’t respect you unless you have that paper so that’s one thing that I’m really looking forward to, studying. There are so many New Year resolutions that I have but those are the two that I’m sticking with for now.’

Kevin Anthony Smith- Salesman

`Well for this New Year I signed up to be in the army so I’m just waiting to get into contact with somebody. So for this New Year my main thing is getting a permanent job. I’m hoping to get my own family, kids and some other small things. I’m hoping to be as happy as I can be for this New Year. My main thing though is getting a stable job.’

Kemal Brotherson- Barber

`I’m hoping to be more productive in my business and make more money. I’m hoping to look after building my own home and expand my own business. Every year I do something different, last year I worked towards my car and this year it’s my house.’

Colette Allicock

‘I don’t really have New Year resolutions, I just live one day at a time. I rise in the morning, give thanks and I see what the day has in store. I go through my day and periodically I say thanks to God for bringing me thus far. I’m just living it right now you know because I worked very hard to achieve what I want in life.’

Damien Lewis- self employed

`I don’t believe in the whole new year resolution thing because sometimes you set plans and then they don’t work out. For that reason I stopped making New Year resolutions and just living one day at a time and stick to short term plans.’

Leon Crawford

`For this year I didn’t make any new year resolution. I do wish, however to be successful for this year and hope to achieve this by working hard and making the best of the year. Sometimes we plan and things don’t always go as we imagined.’

Shenell Stewart- Law student at UG

`I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions and I have never done so before. I don’t believe bad habits and lifestyles can be undone in a few months just because one has made an official declaration to do so. I do believe in setting achievement goals/milestones for myself though. For this year I intend to work towards my academic performance and growth spiritually.’

Savannah Stewart- Communication major at UG

`I have never made a new year resolution before but after reflecting on personal experiences off the previous year I have decided to set a few for the current year. These include avoiding drama associates that instigate conflicts and completing the diploma programme with excellent grades.’

Abigail Nagaamootoo

`A lot of people make resolutions and then as the year progresses lose track of it or It wasn’t possible because while we have our dreams and our goals God has already designed our future. So while it’s good to make plans and good to work towards achieving these ‘resolutions’ of ours we have to keep in mind if at the end of the year it didn’t happen it doesn’t mean we have failed as an individual but probably there’s something greater that can happen or will happen. Once we keep our hearts and mind open and not lock ourselves down to just a resolution or two. For this year that’s what I hope to accomplish.’

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