The heart of the matter

The Tsimane or Chimane people are an isolated, indigenous tribe who maintain their tough, subsistence traditions in a remote area of Bolivia’s Amazonian lowlands, faithfully foraging and farming in small, rural settlements along the Maniqui River, like their ancient ancestors. Self-sufficient as their relatives in Guyana, the Amerindians, once were, the sensational Tsimane recently made international headlines for having the world’s healthiest arteries.

Researchers who have closely studied the close-knit group for years reveal that heart attacks and strokes are nearly unknown among the busy villagers thanks to a high natural carbohydrate and low protein diet, and an incredibly active lifestyle. Living on mainly cassava, corn, plantain, rice, wild fruits, nuts, game and fish, the Tsimane spend most of their difficult days simply working hard and on the move – hunting, fishing and cultivating their crops. It is estimated that they are inactive for ….