First Published March 18 ,1989

Jagan attacks State Media Campaign

The People’s Progressive party (PPP) reacting to recent allegations in the state media that its leader is inciting violence, has said that the government is resorting to “lies and distortions” to create hysteria. It referred to earlier allegations that Dr Jagan had invited people to commit arson.

The state media have been carrying daily reports this week of organisations and individuals pledging sup­port for the People’s National Congress (PNC) government, in the face of calls for violence by PPP leader Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

In a statement issued yesterday, the PPP said that the government is using Jagan’s call for “the self defence” of the people against the possible unleashing of the security forces against the people to divert attention from the impending budget and devaluation.


Correct Approach to Energy needed

“THE USE of renewable sources of energy needs access to technology, and technique are also required to use that technology,” Deputy Prime Minister Haslyn Parris said at the opening of an Energy Week exhibition at the museum, this week.

Mr. Parris noted that financial resources are also necessary to use those renewable sources of energy.

He said that people should not depend solely on non-renewable sources and economic assessments should be made of the various possibilities.

It may be economic sense for example, to encourage people to use mass transportation and to consider the irrational action of driving alone in a vehicle designed for more persons, Parris observed.

“We should consider the norms of supply of our pursuit, since energy use is based on the question of norm that is self-imposed, and it is a matter of the development of energy resources,” he explained.

Mr. Parris expressed the view that the theme “Energy for Today and Tomorrow” captured the correct systematic approach to energy.

In delivering the open­ing remarks, Executive Chairman of the Guy­ana Natural Resources Agency (GNRA) Mr. Winston King, said that critical to the success of the Economic Re­covery Programme is the production of enough energy and power to make the programme succeed.

He said that it is time to alert the public to some possibilities around us and that problems relating to energy should be addressed throughout the year.


Bauxite strike over

THE bitter two-week de-recognition strike in the bauxite industry was called off yesterday, after officials from the two affected unions and Guymine executives agreed on terms of resumption after two days of talks at Linden.

“We are resuming immediately and will meet again in 48 hours to iron out some other issues, according to the terms. Both sides are hoping for a restoration of good relations in the industry,” Guyana Mine Workers’ Union (GMWU) Secretary Lincoln Lewis told Stabroek News yesterday.

The strike, which at one stage looked as if it would drag on for some time because both sides seemed unwilling to compromise positions, was triggered by the company’s decision to sever relations with the unions following their participation in the FITUG-sponsored one-day protest strike on February 24. Guymine claimed the unions acted irresponsibly.

Now Guymine will resume deducting union dues for the GMWU and the Guyana Bauxite Supervisors’ Union (GBSU), continue to recognise executives as the bona fide representatives of the nearly 5,000 workers and proceed to fur­ther discuss the controversial warning letters issue and the repossession of the GMWU canteen at Everton.

Attempts to contact Guymine officials for further details were unsuccessful.

“We are meeting again on these two issues,” Lewis said immediately after the talks at Guymine’s Surapana Club,

Throughout the strike, Guymine claimed it was largely a failure, but the unions conceded a large worker turnout only at Linden.

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