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A few readers took time to mention that they appreciated last Friday’s shorter format; I’ll try again today.

The revocation of the American “Visitors Visas” (Non-Immigrant R. B1/B2) of certain well-known individuals last week really stimulated my ongoing interest in the efforts of SARA and SOCU as these agencies – with all their limited resources (and little legislative teeth) – go after those suspected of plundering the Public Purse and Property under the now-ousted kleptocracy. Why? (Pardon this long sentence–paragraph right above.)

I have two general, main reasons. Against this background: in times past both greedy, corrupt leaders of developed countries and get-rich-quick politicians of struggling states would “stash” their ill-gotten loot in banks in Switzerland. That “neutral” country’s banking laws afforded guaranteed untouchable confidentiality and secrecy for both crooks and regular big business savers. But now the USA must be awash in billions of stolen laundered money in numerous bank accounts and commercial/financial fronts. Notice how the Federal authorities there can freeze the savings from external  sources the Americans choose to punish?

Similarly, if even to a lesser extent, the US Ambassador in Georgetown – Mr Holloway, a veteran anti-narcotics/anti-corruption diplomat, reminded that there are now USA-Guyana Agreements in place whereby certain suspect American bank accounts emanating from Guyana could be accessed or revealed to local investigators. As the SARA CEO said, the suspected crooks had a grand “Headstart”. The loot is most likely stashed in US-based “businesses” and in their grandmother’s names. How did aunty and granny suddenly acquire such substantial savings? Mr Holloway, his DEA and our investigative attorneys must activate these agreements urgently and effectively.

Secondly, all would-be or guilty national thieves would (expectedly) cry if they are prevented from visiting the USA (which some of them pretend to dislike). They would be stymied significantly having to conduct their thievery electronically. And vulnerable to being traced.

Pity certain getaway–crooks can’t be sent back from American safe-place sanctuaries. Or could they be?

The world of “Americans”

A few months ago the former President of Iran – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – made the curious statement that “America belongs to the whole world.” That dude had been a thorn in America’s side so his remark intrigued me. What was he getting at?

The theory I decided upon was one with which I would agree with him. America has welcomed and/or accommodated million upon millions to its shore. That Nation-of-Immigrants, but with certain core values as identity, taught the strangers in its universities, offered jobs, insisted upon/accepted their taxes and made millions “naturalised”, “documented”, paper citizens.

Now, whether they were born on American soil or just legally “documented” these Immigrants – Citizens are throughout the world. Many back in their native home-countries enjoying life-long retirement benefits that they earned in the Land of Opportunity. America could have no problem with dual citizenship. So millions enjoy the Best of Two Worlds.

For some obvious reasons you’ll never find “naturalised citizens” all around the globe from say, Argentina, Australia, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia or Sweden. Good Ole America! But wait! Problems on that front now loom.

You see, when the Lady Liberty poem advised: “Give me your tired, your poor…your huddled masses—-the wretched refuse—-send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me…”, she (America) in 1903, was not thinking of brown-skinned Hispanics, darker Caribbean folks, Africans and Asian people – and certainly not Arab refugees or terrorists – as much as she was welcoming European types even before two World Wars.

So fast-forward to the horrendous beginning to this 21st century for America when Arab-types blew up and killed thousands in New York (9/11) and you might try to understand the (new) thinking about immigration into the US by Republicans Americans – especially. President Trump really cannot stop newcomers to American shores fully. But if he gets his way he would wage serious war against those who would infiltrate drugs and terrorism into his land. Should he not? (Next week I’ll quote some stats regarding America’s immigrants just after 9/11.)

A Pageant’s Wright winner

Okay. Sure I know I might be stepping into dangerous waters, where I’m somewhat out of my depth with this one. And I’m certainly not a fan of these numerous “beauty” pageants around.

However, a few years ago, young Carwyn Holland – now Mayor of Linden – persuaded me to host about six contestants in a Guyana pageant he had organised. They appeared on my twice-weekly, 18-year-old television show. I was glad I accommodated. I gained insights into what a better pageant entailed and what it offered the contestants.

Four of those young ladies – my guests – went on to be simply outstanding – Artie Cameron, Soyini Fraser, Raq Boyer, Celeste Dolphin – the latter plays the violin! And lives and teaches in Australia.

I get the sense that this week-end’s Miss Guyana World is a beauty-and-brains all-round contest of excellent standards. I familiarised myself with the ladies’ preparations – from social graces to academics to the fine arts to very meaningful projects. Every contestant will leave a winner Sunday night.

I have secretly picked my favourite three. But my most favourite is one Delisha Wright! She is one of the stunning “country-girls” who has impressed so far. Of course, I’m also beautifully biased as I understand she happens to be the reigning Miss Emancipation 2016/2017. And my real working life began on the “West Side” too. Her home district.

Last Sunday, I won with Pakistan. This Sunday night let’s all make the right choice – Delisha Wright! Start texting!


Two to ponder…

  1. Wishing Dr Roop good health in his assignment to improve the Public Service.

But look how the faded WPA was able to grab political centre-stage this week. Dr Hinds says they contribute ideas. I agree. They certainly can’t capture 500 votes.

  1. Saw the tape of bim-bam-boom-out MP Simona in the National Assembly? As Gordon says: “No hallowed precincts left…” Now wait for a Parliamentary big bout(!?)


’Til next week!


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