From Arcadia to Atlanta: The PNC at 60

- Pardoning lawlessness? Ryhaan’s take

Immigrants of quality! Dammit!

And to think I had promised myself not to join real knowledgeables in commenting on People’s National Congress (PNC) leader David Arthur Granger’s remarks to his Party faithful gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA two weeks ago.

But because I did present, through this column, my own personalized “series” on “the PNC at Sixty” before and during the October Anniversary reflections and festivities and because I feel I was the first to point in the direction of the 2020 Republic Jubilee Elections amidst Exxon’s imminent Guyana Oil Flow, I thought I should offer a one-time member’s brief take on the issue(s).

Firstly, it has to be intriguing to witness how our political managers and would-be leaders strategise their approaches to either maintain power- or re-capture it. Amidst all of our- the ordinary man’s- daily struggles to live a reasonable life. If not Minister Jordan’s “Good Life”.

One cannot mistake, fail to recognise the incumbents’ preaching their governmental/developmental achievements- real, actual, planned, perceived or imagined. The message is: We are achieving on your behalf so we need beyond 2020 to continue what has and will be started.

The formal political/Parliamentary opposition- often aided and abetted by Civil Society’s critics and others feeling wronged or victimised- campaigns on all fronts for attention and “early” 2020 votes. Within that context then I wish to mention the PNC in Mocha-Arcadia, East Bank Demerara. Sorry. Apologies might be in order right here right now. Because did I just write “PNC”? Should it be “Government”?

The Government in Mocha- and soon all over!?

How the government functionaries pleased me! Especially another one of the President’s former army officers – a Mr Lelon Saul. Officer Saul is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  the Housing Ministry’s Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) – an entity now vital to the  attainment of Minister Jordan’s Good Life– in terms of  a house on land – one dream of  every citizen.

Well, the residents of Mocha-Arcadia were assured – a fortnight ago – that “all of their concerns” regarding land preparation and development to accommodate both them and newcomers relocated from Broad Street, Charlestown are being speedily addressed. Lands are being allocated aback of Mocha-Arcadia at a place named appropriately, Prosperity. Mr Saul also pledged that the Ministries of Public Health and Public Security are swiftly attending to the villagers’ long overdue requests. A needed bridge and a playground will also appear swiftly.

Yes, Mocha and Arcadia is getting much closer to the “Good Life”. More quickly now. Delighted supporters were also told of lands being reclaimed from those who acquired them unfairly years ago. And I loved the words of the Housing Minister too. She assured the Comrades: “They ignored you but not us. We’ve got your backs.” Whilst the latter could be considered partial and political what community would not welcome them in terms of long-delayed rapid development?

Now I await the country-wide expansion of the sentiments and the village development works. APNU-AFC-PNC government will now move into places like Canal No.2 Enmore, Port Mourant, the Baths and speed up needed assistance to these village-citizens. Even as Dr Jagdeo withholds “Co-operation.” No matter how the opposition supporters’ DNA compels them to vote. Right? Discuss.

Meanwhile across the pond in lovely Atlanta PNC Leader David Granger was waxing warm about his Founder-Leader Forbes. I  smiled knowingly when the current Comrade-Leader asked his PNC audience to recall just how the PNC had “won” elections from 1964-’68, then in 2015. How!?

Since others are “analyzing” Comrade Granger’s provocative remarks in Georgia, all I’ll posit is this: Will others, besides the PNC, be allowed any electoral victory in those 2020 Jubilee- anniversary- oil- elections? Discuss…

Presidential pardoning of lawlessness?

Look! Early on, new President Granger declared two personal positions on crime. He is against the Death Penalty and he prefers even young convicts who (just) snatched (expensive) cell-phones to be in schools rather than prison. Now even I can win a debate defending his positions. But life is not a debate as it is about reality.

I bought the PPP-friendly Sunday Times on Sunday. I realised that activist Ryhaan Shah was back there after some self- imposed sabbatical. To me, both Ryhaan and Ravi, once rabidly anti-Jagdeo, have maintained a lively intellectual depth even since their seeming political epiphany. I like reading them, partisan or not.

Ms Shah was once again the victim of gun-toting car bandits- she wrote “feelingly” of related issues- like human decency, police ineptitude and the President’s “pardoning of lawlessness.” No time or enough space to comment on all that today. Bandits know not what persons sacrificed to acquire modern telephones or cars. Bandits- convicted or not- ought to be severely sanctioned by all sections of society. Especially by leaders. Me? I’m for both rehab and hard labour more later.

Immigrants of quality!

US President Donald Trump surely comes off as a maverick President. A non- conformist businessman-politician.

Frankly Speaking, I believe that Mr Trump speaks openly what others- especially his Nationalistic base- think and keep private.

Remember when our President Hoyte selected persons for the Georgetown City Hall and branded them “citizens of quality”? Well Mr Trump is in favour of immigrants of quality. The Statue-of–Liberty poem welcoming the world’s oppressed poor, “huddled masses” has outlived that welcome. America teems with diversity already. How much more must it accommodate when other parts of the world could be assisted to welcome the earth’s down-trodden – refugees and all?

Trump favours merit-based immigration into his country. What’s so wrong about that? Canada Australia, Israel, many others accept only whom they need for their purposes. Why not America? Discuss…

Time to ponder…

  • 1) Keep your eyes and ears open regarding the two giant drug busts involving the racer- Cocaine in lumber- and the very recent one- Cocaine in rice. What will become of possible cases?
  • 2) Real hope for crime-fighting? The massive Chinese police gifts, decentralisation and brand new senior officers?
  • 3) When will the owner of old Co-Op Bank building in Stabroek begin…
  • 4) Imagine the chaos on Georgetown’s pavements and sidewalks for the 2017 “season”.
  • 5) What would Daddy Shiv Chanderpaul bother to tell son Tagenarine-Brandon if they are at the crease together?

’Til next week!


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