Frankly Speaking… Christmas: A wonderful, useful lie!

-criminal police, police criminals

Yes. Keen observers and readers of this space are correct: I did use a very similar sentiment for my lead caption four (4) years ago.

Advancing age – milestones sometimes make us – the over sixties-to-eighties – more cynical than we ought to be. But hindsight, new revelations, science and personal enlightenments can certainly raise our questions, our intolerance. In my case, Frankly Speaking, Christmas-time these days certainly does.

Even as I relive the nostalgia of my own Guyanese Christmas of the forties-to-seventies, I now quietly reject the unnecessary frenzy that this Christian festival has become – with the real Reason – for – the Season being submerged by rampant commercialism. So now for a few sentiments expressed four years ago. Which, apparently, will now be continuously relevant.


A lie people need?

Some religions untilise myths to tell lasting tales which are meant to illustrate, even solidify spiritual truths – or aspirations. Hindu mythology is rich in inviting believers and others to discover the meanings and morals.

But a lie can be a very untrue statement or concoction meant to deceive. It appears that many people even need a myth, a distraction, and a belief. Thousands, perhaps millions, perhaps for psychological reasons, enter into faiths, religions to be comforted for present and future. Today’s global and national stress demands that mankind seeks a balm for the mind, the soul. Christians embrace the virgin birth of a baby to be named Jesus, His untouched mother was a very young teenager; his father a forty-plus carpenter. The Bible’s gospel writers go to town with his narrative. Even I can’t help liking its literary and dramatic power. I suspect that if Christians didn’t discover this in their historical gospels they would have made it up. A Christmas will always be needed in the Christian world. In Guyana just experience how thousands of Non-Christians join in! But here is the “Catch.”


“Not my birth, my death!”

One band of Christians, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, always challenge me to locate anywhere in the Bible where Jesus asked that his birth be celebrated. I couldn’t doubt that he did not. He certainly directed that his sacrificial death on the cross be observed (Matthew 20:28). But as I’ve said, we must have a Christmas! As directed by the European Kings and their descendants- latter day Christians in the North- from Europe to North American and whenever today’s evangelized Christians find themselves.

Of course, no expert on the Divine/Virgin Birth knows for sure just when that Immaculate Conception culminated in the stable. No evidence ever suggested December 25. That date has to do with associating the event with Roman festivals marking the Winter Solstice when Roman Pagans highlighted agricultural and solar observances.

I also salute how European Caucasians have foisted upon the world-even tropical Guyana Christmas tree, holly, ivy, Father Santa Claus, Christmas Chestnuts and frosty. All unrelated to that Middle Eastern Birth.

Now we have the excesses of commerce, poor people struggling to keep up with refurbishing the homes and getting toys. Since the story centres around the Christ Child, Children are cited as the beneficiaries of the birth. They must enjoy Christmas. But I won’t quote Amar Panday this year. He wondered, for years, about the “strange ritualistic importation of foreign food items” for the season, befuddled about which part of Christianity stipulated all that.


Oh but that spirit…

My pro-Christmas friends can always rebuff my cynicism about this joyous event and centuries of celebration. People’s spirit soars with hope. The arrival, the advent of a universal saviour ought to be sustained. Hope must be celebrated appropriately.

The distinctly-Guyanese Christmas-time traditions still withstand today’s technology from masquerade to pepper pot to carol singing to Old Years Night, all of our people unite in common joy. Surely that trumps hate, crime and divisiveness. Right? Long live Christmas then.


Criminal Police, Police Criminals

As one whose father and numerous older relatives were “ole” police (now departed) my mind revolts at what the Force has become mainly due to the activities of the rogue and crooked cops of today.

I won’t add to the numerous significant commentaries on the damaging explosive activities of our police criminals. Except two queries: what criteria or methods could we employ to recognize and embrace the good cops? To try somehow to maintain trust in the force?


Secondly, where high-flying corrupt business-person political types are able to offer incentives and gratuities to underpaid young cops, can any Police Service Commission, Commissioner or Office of Professional Responsibility compete? Discuss.


Development is coming!

Whatever my own sarcasm or cynicism, there is cause for hope. Whether it is perceived as campaigning or doing what any government should do- development is coming to a community near you! Or directly to yours!

During the past three weeks Mocha, Buxton, Linden, Bartica and a few others benefited as I stated last week, now watch out for Canal No.2, Annandale, Black Bush, Port Mourant, La Jalousie. And stand by for the Christmas Bonus/Increase payout. And a friendly 2018 National Budget!


Consider carefully…

I’ll probably tell you next Friday, but after consulting the country’s Constitution. List two ways a Director of Public Prosecutions could be terminated.

Are the Canadians and South Koreans still at work at GPL? Power for Christmas?

Stop analysing the issue to death! A little political group coalesces with a larger party to add some seats for electoral victory. Is not the little group interested in sustained participation, authority, status and power? More than any constituency’s wellbeing?

Do students take alcohol or weed into “high” schools”

Is it true? His Excellency will hold a full-fledged year end press conference?

 Til next week!


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