Goodbyes and Prognostications 2018

Jesus and Satan in Bethlehem


(Okay, you-all know by now that at this time of year I love that word – “prog-nos-ti-ca-tions”. I also wonder and wonder about Baby Jesus in Africa-Egypt in North Africa. But surely I’m getting ahead of myself…)

A goodbye is really “a concluding remark at (a) parting“. You can wish the departure a good future or you could be thinking good riddance. A farewell is similar but, seemingly, the parting is characterized by positive, sincere wishes as farewells tend to be more permanent by nature.

As 2018 departs what or who would you wish gonefor good? What would you wish to return – or even to linger a while longer?

So for now, let us respect the knowledgeable qualified analysts and commentators and the self-centred political types amongst us even as we put them aside for the purpose of this piece where I dare to speculate, on behalf of my fellow working class, unlettered citizens who still hope for, dream of his Excellency’s green and good life.

Be gone! But welcome…

We the poor-employed, partly-employed or not – would like to see imposed wages and salaries give way to employer-representative collective bargaining. Goodbye to shoddy bullyism and long-term policy where the local government and management of the capital city is concerned. Goodbye to crooked cops and soldiers who utilized taxpayer training merely for “running” and criminal conduct in uniform.

Goodbye to forced extra school lessons on helpless parents who are made to sacrifice for their children’s educational progress. Can’t the hours in formal classes ever be enough? Be gone GPL blackout! After decades!

Farewell to the administration’s bluff- like disregard for the constitution they all pledged to “honour”. His Excellency should ease up – in 2018  – on naming and renaming places – from Convention Centres  and ministries to special “days” to boats and buses. Leave not your name as legacy Sir, but lasting better-life programmes and actual schemes and safety-net facilities for all the people.

To hell with confrontational politics only.

Even amidst its missteps and now-frequent blunders, can’t the opposition applaud three achievements of the government? (won’t the spanking new Bagotville/La Grange bridge benefit the PPP Region Three majority supporters? For example?)

Cease the animosity in the Parliament. Citizens would welcome more bi-partisan work in the parliamentary committees so that more can be accomplished collectively in the assembly. Don’t your voters deserve such?

The above is but a sampling for you, dear reader, to add to.


Prognostications: these will happen…

Okay, so you-all must tolerate my love of this word prognostication at this time of year. It has to do with foretelling and predictions.

Now you must decide how much credence you’ll attach to my prescience. About events to take place in our Republic beginning next Monday (2018).

I predict that the government will find the finances to afford the dismissed sugar workers nominal and temporary relief. By Easter/April the first investor will “take over” the first estate(s). GAWU should still be those workers’ choice as their industrial representative.

The PPP will win the most seats in the local government polls even as the GECOM management of those elections will attract intense critical scrutiny. The results will ensure PPP confrontational postures.

His Excellency’s cabinet will lose one member. His Excellency will appoint two (more)  former GDF officers to high strategic positions – one from the USA. Ministers Harmon, Trotman and Jordan  will be more cautious with their public statements. Infrastructural works will gather momentum – Demerara River Bridge, CJIA expansion, Drainage Systems, East Coast to East Bank Demerara by-pass road. The Brazilians might be tardy in terms of the promised Lethem-Linden Highway however,

The burgeoning oil and gas industry will attract numerous ancillary foreign companies – and some terrible exposures of wrong-doing by locals.

His Excellency will not name anything after himself in 2018 and Dr. B. Jagdeo will not remarry any time soon. What’s your list?


Satan and Jesus in Bethlehem

This is the final column for 2017. But since it is still within the twelve days of Christmas allow me to provoke still more thought and no doubt, some ire and annoyance with these personal opinions and questions. Especially for the more activist devotees in the Christian community.

It is my own view, Frankly Speaking, after 55 years of reasonably intelligent adulthood, that Satan, the devil, Lucifer has been the most influential being on Earth, before during and after the birth and work ‘of God’s earthly son Jesus! And even if I had stuck to being religious that would be my assessment still. Why?

Man just look at world history, the sordid story of this planet. After the first goings-on in the Garden of Eden, Paradise has known fatalistic natural disasters. I’m told that the ways of sinful man contribute to those murderous events. Satan’s masterful work! (?) After all nothing bad emanates from God, right?

Of course, conflict, greed, crime, wars, pandemics, poverty –  everything negative flow from man being influenced by the devil.  Is he superior to your loving God then? Assist me please!

Look at Bethlehem this week! Israeli soldiers populate the little Holy City because of unrest over President Trump and his Jerusalem decision. Jesus’ peace mission surely thwarted by Satan’s work which successfully sows sustained division throughout that entire Region. Even Egypt to where the little Baby Jesus had to flee as a refugee is not a safe place on this Earth.

Well done Satan! I’m told that if more of the world’s citizens didn’t live according to God’s love and teachings, Satan would have wreaked even more havoc!

If you find all the above irreverent or facetious don’t be infuriated. Just sympathise with and teach me.


Ponder, until…

1) Christians, what did Jesus do as a child growing up in Africa/Egypt? How long did he spend there?

2) How long did the adult Jesus spend in India?

3)  When will the promised rejuvenation of the old Co-op Bank building in Stabroek begin?

4)  Will there be any successful prosecutions by SOCU or SARA in 2018

5)  Who is your Guyanese Personality of 2017? Why?

6) In January the Guyana Police Force – H.E. might change “Force” – will have a new look hierarchy –with one old face.

’Til next year


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