On life

I saw an interesting film called ‘Flatliners’ last weekend. In it, four medical students, curious about what happens after we die, choose to stop their hearts, then to be revived to tell of their experiences. While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I thought it was poorly presented. It started off well enough, but poor direction and a script that could have been better written left much to be desired. Overall, it was a jumble of drama, horror and sci-fi.

But the film left me pondering—in that I suppose it reached one of its objectives—what happens after we die. Not that I have never wondered before, but the film roused those questions: If I had the opportunity to witness what happens after we die, to live again to tell the tale, would I choose to do so? Am I afraid of my worst experiences returning to haunt me? What if it were true that I would see my loved ones again? It made me think of experiences I have had over the years around relatives and friends who were dying, such as premonitions and dreams…..