This week we asked the man and woman in the street what they knew and thought about Public Service Announcements. Their responses follow:

Interviews and photos by Jonelle Fields and David Papannah

Caroline Williamson, Pastor

`Public Service Announcements are needed when there are sensitive issues being brought to the nation. They also are effective since it is a form of giving information to the general public, because it will be on the radio and on the television, so people from all over can be able to hear and see what is being announced.’

Collin Chan, Sale Representative

`I think a PSA is information that is being announced by someone or the Government to the public. I don’t think PSAs are effective because of the manner it is done in, but I think if they do it online or on some kind of platform that is for young people. One public service announcement that was recent, was when the joint services and the government had warned persons to proceed with caution or stay away from the backlands when they learnt that the prison escapees were nearby.’

Trevor Darrel

`I think a public service announcement is when there is a message informing the public of any event that is happening, like bridge closure, traffic advisory, those sorts of things. A PSA, would be effective depending on what it is, different events get different age groups that it would attract and as a result of that, that will determine its effectiveness. When it comes to heath PSAs, much more needs to be done, because a lot of times we just listen and we don’t pay attention to what is being said. ‘

Teron Adrian, Student

`With the Government and the PSAs thing, I don’t not think that it is effective enough because they want to continue with the normal tradition. Because no longer do people sit and watch at television or listen to the radio that much unless they are travelling. They should more or less try to send it to your mobile phone because everybody owns a phone and it is always in their hand. So a text message is fine and also they can use Facebook as a means of sending out PSAs, because when they sponsor it you can see it directly in your Facebook feed. The government needs to genuinely change the method of sending out PSAs. A PSA will be effective or necessary in case of emergencies or when you need to inform the populace about something what you consider to be of national importance or interest, because I don’t expect the government to send out a text every time they turn a sod at some building or cut a ribbon, but when it is something important they need to inform the public. As recent as the Camp Street Jail break, Massive flooding in Region 9 or a traffic advisory those would serve as important PSAs.

Joshua Liverpool , Student

I have some kind of understanding what a Public Service Announcement is, it is like a notice or information that is issued by the government on important matters concerning the public. I think they are effective because it gives you a heads up or lets you know what is going on. One PSA I got that helped me to safeguard myself, was when the Ministry of Health, alerted those about red eye and ways we can keep ourselves from catching it. I think there should be more PSAs like that, health wise. But a PSA, should be aired through all media forms, when it be TV, Radio because you need to be able to reach everyone in the country.


Peter Young, Student

I do not really know what is a public service announcement, but it would be good if the Government can keep us updated through little announcements on what is going on in the country. However, I think they should do so through social media since everyone is on social media. Sure, they air it on television and radio but I think through social media there is a reach. One PSA, I can remember reading for the year and it was via text message, was probably that of the jail break, when they advised citizens to take precautions.


Norman Ronaldo, Student 

I have seen a lot of PSAs being aired on TV and I think it is very good that they are informing the public. But because I am always on the go I prefer for those things to come to me via a text message on my phone. When watching TV or listening to the radio you might miss it and then you have to wait till it airs or plays again and you might be busy you know. But PSAs don’t have to be a long or complicated and they can be fun. Like in a form of a jingle something catchy that will catch the attention of the audience.


Sherry-Ann Mohan, Customer Service 

PSAs are just whereby information is passed on to the general public. I would prefer to be informed by a PSA through the television or the internet, that is fine or especially through social media because that is what I use every day. I think PSAs are effective, I would listen to one or adhere to one if it is important for me or to me. If a PSA is beneficial to society I think it should be aired for free.


Desiree Hunter

I think Public Service Announcements should be made pretty often so as to make the public aware of what is going on in the community or country. Few persons pay attention to PSAs because all of the things that are going on, around them and they are so busy, with different things in their lives, activities they have to take part in and things like that. But some people do, I am not going to generalize but, I do pay attention to PSAs but I think persons should pay more attention because it is for their benefit.

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