Christmas plans

Interviews and pictures taken by Oliceia Tinnie and Shamar Meusa

This week we asked the man/woman in the street if they are making big plans for Christmas?  Their responses follow.

Latoya Arthur-Tucker

`Yes and no. I do not put my emphasis on the season but rather the reason for the season whom is Jesus. As such I do not wait on this season to celebrate Him. This reflects my answer being no. Yes simply because my children are excited to get new gifts for the season and I am happy when they are excited and happy. With that said, I plan to help them enjoy every moment of the holidays while I emphasize Jesus is the reason for the season with and for them. In addition to my children, being a family person, my relatives work as a team and we love the holidays where we are able to bond and connect with each other.’


`I had a child that passed away about two years ago and now I live alone. I really miss my family a lot during the Christmas holidays and they don’t really visit around that time either. So for this holiday I’m just trying to live, even without a lot of money or my family.’

 Kamla Bridjpaul

`Well for this holiday I plan to go shop in Georgetown for the Christmas season, since I live in Berbice. Usually i just stay home on Christmas Day and cook some nice food, go by family and so. Every year my family ‘hangs out’ at home just spending time with each other. This is just a time that everyone looks forward to spend time with each other.’

Reshme Massia

`This Christmas Holiday I don’t really have nothing big planned. I usually go to Enmore to spend the Christmas holiday with my children. As a family we do a lot of things, like play games, drive out in the town to see how the lights and the town looking. My daughter also invites a lot of people by her and gives out toys and other things.’

Sheldon Raheem- vendor

`Well I’m a Muslim, but during the Christmas holidays I hang out with my family and friends. Usually we go somewhere and eat up and thing. Money a little slow right now as this holiday season coming up but I’ve stocked up my stall and am hoping to have a productive Christmas season.’

Sookya called `Moon’

`This Christmas I have no plan to do anything big. Money just not here this year for me to do that and I only get a small pension. The other thing is that I don’t really have family, just me and my granddaughter and she out of school now and at home. I just want the young people to enjoy life and make the best of it and this Christmas holiday. In my days we didn’t have the luxury of going out as we pleased and really doing things on the holiday so the young ones need to make the best of it now.’

Kamasi Slowe

`I don’t have any huge plans for the Christmas holiday, just to enjoy the season and party whenever I get the chance to. That’s simply because I’ve worked hard all year without much social time. I also want to ensure that my company gets involved this holiday in some giving back to the less fortunate.’

Joshua Ferreira

`My plans for the holiday aren’t what I would consider to be big. That’s mainly because I want to avoid any unnecessary and unwise spending during this holiday season. The most important thing for me is to spend some much needed quality time with the family.’

Denicia Williams

`As it is approaching the season of giving and love, a time to be happy and joyful is probably a reflective and quiet one. Hence I don’t have any plans in place. Reason being my family recently suffered the loss of a wife and mother to some an aunt, so it’s fresh for us. So we’ll just be spending it quiet and calm. We’ll still follow the traditional meals and stuff but it will pass us easy and peaceful. Not much fuss just be thankful for life, family and loved ones.’

Lloyd Thomas- teacher

`Christmas is a time for caring and sharing but like every other Guyanese, it’s my time to spend with the family. Like most families, we share a lot of moments of bonding and embracing the festive season. As a result, my plans are quite simple. They consist mainly of enjoying a `good old’ festive feast, attending Christmas parties and finding the joy within that Christmas evokes. This will definitely bring a soothing relief to work-related stress and a much needed period of relaxation.’

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