What the people say about Christmas plans

Interviews by Dreylan Johnson with photos by David Papannah

The man and woman in the street commented on their plans for Christmas and what the season means to them.

Dennita Deflorimonte: `For the holidays I plan to shop around for gifts for friends and family, work, sleep, because I have to do a lot of overtime for the Christmas season, so most of the holiday I’ll be working, except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, which I’ll be spending with the family. For me, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, and as a Christian that’s very important and even though all of the food and decorations and so on are very nice, it’s important to remember the reason for the season’.

Cornel Henry: `I’ll just be spending time with my family. I plan to stay home, read my books, and spend time with the Lord to thank him for his love and ensuring that I see Christmas because without God I wouldn’t be here’.

Jermaine Punch: `My plan for Christmas is to spend every single waking hour with my family because I’m a family guy. It’s a holiday to be with family and to be in church so that is what I’m going to do, after work that is where I’m going to spend my time. For us, it’s a time to get together, it’s a time for merriment, it’s a time to just show love by giving each other gifts. We do that all year but you tend to try to treat the people special to you extra special from time to time. You can’t wait until they have passed, or you can’t wait until something has happened to them to treat them special. My favourite thing about the holidays is to see people care. This is one part of the year where people tend to forget about all their ailments and everything that’s going on and they try to share some cheer. It might not go for everybody, but most people would try to do that, they try to be in the spirit of Christmas which is Christ and we just need to forget about what’s going on and remember the reason for the season, which is Jesus’.

Andrew Beckles: `Christmas Day the family and I stay home and spend time together. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 40 years. Christmas is a joyful time, sharing gifts with everyone.’

Denise Braithwaite: ` I’ll be spending Christmas with my close relatives. We do some cooking for our children so they can enjoy the day, but still we try to bring into focus that it’s not just about sharing, it’s about Jesus being the reason for the season. I’ve been enjoying the season although it’s not like my childhood Christmas—it has changed dramatically—I’m still making the best of it. I look forward to the special meals that are being prepared as well as the cleaning and decorations.’

Nickose Layne: `Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday because it’s more than just one day, it’s an entire season. For me it’s about the spirit, the love, and the fairy lights. On Christmas Day I’ll be eating, drinking and laughing way too much while spending time with people who love me.’

Dawn Moore: `I have no plans for Christmas, only for the New Year, that’s when I’ll be setting up. I normally celebrate but I’m not feeling it right now so I pushed everything back for the New Years. I did a little shopping this year. But nothing compared to what I’ll do for next year, God spare life.’

Seon Ram: `My plans are basically to work. I’ll be off for the Christmas weekend so I’ll stay home, eat and try to get a little bit of rest for the New Year. Christmas means a lot of pepperpot, a lot of food and spending time with family. A bit of drinking as well because we can’t have Christmas without a few beers and a few parties.’

Sherah Alleyne: `I plan to focus less on the material side of Christmas and spend the holiday with my family and friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in a while. The goal is just to enjoy the time together and give thanks to God for yet another year.’

Akeem Simon: `I haven’t made any special plans for Christmas. I haven’t take part in helping to put up any decorations or so. I know I would be spending it with my family because the day was made to be spent with your family. I would be helping to prepare the Christmas meals. Christmas is a very special time and I like the season. It has a different atmosphere and people try to be happy no matter the situation. I just wish everyone has a great time with their families and they keep the love and happiness in the air for 2018’.

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