Cabinet reshuffle cosmetic – PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says the cabinet reshuffle by President David Granger  is cosmetic and meant to be  a diversion from the current controversy over the government’s revoking of the lease to Red House held by the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre Inc.

On Tuesday, the government announced that controversial Minister of Public Health, Dr George Norton would be moved to the Ministry of Social Cohesion. Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence is the new Public Health Minister. Amna Ally – previously at the Ministry of Social Cohesion will now head the Social Protection Ministry.

The PPP said that it is interesting to note that the reshuffled Ministers were all from APNU which from all appearances represented an appeasement measure by Granger towards its junior coalition partner, the AFC.

“The decision taken at the dawn of the a new year is nothing but a diversion from the Red House saga as well as the end of year crippling anti-people budget, both of which have projected the regime in an unfavourable light by its own supporters and the public at large.

“In any event, the changes are by no means substantial or meaningful and are patently a case of musical chairs, recycling incompetence from one Ministry to another.

“These cosmetic changes will fool no one as the Guyanese people are much more discerning than the Granger administration would give them credit for”, the PPP statement added. The PPP said that it is also noteworthy that the reshuffle occurred in the aftermath of a “scathing” editorial in the last Sunday Stabroek  on Granger and his administration.


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