Canje woman robbed in home invasion

A  bandit on Monday evening invaded an East Canje home where he robbed a woman while her husband was at work.

Twenty- one year old, Drupattie Karran of Lot 42 Second Street, Betsy Ground Village, East Canje Berbice, told Stabroek News, that she was awakened by the man in her house around midnight.

“When he break in the house me ain’t know nothing”, Karran said. “He search and tumble up, and take wah he need”, she said.

She noted that she immediately jumped up and saw the perpetrator holding a knife to her three-year-old son’s neck. “When me wake, me scream, when me scream he run gone”, she explained.

According to the woman, she saw the perpetrator escaping with bare hands.  However, she said as she got up and further investigated, she discovered her valuables missing, leaving her with the conclusion that he might have had an accomplice.

“He alone run gone, but the things wah he take been done gone so it can’t be he alone”, Karran said.

She explained that the perpetrator(s) gained entry through her back door, suggesting that a crowbar had been used to break the door.

The woman vented her dissatisfaction with officers attached to the Reliance Police Station. “When me call, one a them been deh and he said he ain’t get vehicle to come, when me husband reach, he go with the car and bring the police. Be time that he [police] alone couldn’ta do nothing. He say let we go give statements.

Now a ten o clock and me na hear back nothing from them yet”, she explained.

The bandits escaped with a total of $500,000 in cash, jewellery and other valuables. According to a police source, no arrest has been made.

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