Suspect in chopping of woman, mother flees police in Canje Creek

The police in B Division are continuing the hunt for Shamar Mohammed Ally, the man who is accused of chopping his ex-girlfriend and her mother, at  Number 70 Village, Corentyne, on Christmas Eve.

Commander of B Division, Ian Amsterdam when contacted last night disclosed to Stabroek News, that police acting on information received yesterday, chased after the suspect in the Canje Creek. However, Amsterdam relayed that the man barely escaped the grips of the lawmen, and has now gone into hiding in the savannahs, located in the Canje Creek area.

According to information gathered, the lawmen were tipped off on the former Tapir driver’s location, which led them to venture by boat into the Canje Creek. However, when the suspect spotted the lawmen he jumped into a boat.  However, with the police in hot pursuit, chasing after him, he made good his escape.

A source close to the investigation told Stabroek News, that some four persons from Canje Creek were held for questioning yesterday. The source explained that these persons were staying in the same camp, where Ally was suspected to have been hiding.

The man has been in hiding for over a week since the attack, in which he severed his ex-girlfriend’s left hand.

Bhartie Udo, 23, still remains hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), while her mother, Amika Udo, 43, was discharged on Sunday.

Bhartie, in an interview with Stabroek News, had named her attacker as her ex-boyfriend, Ally, 40, also of Corentyne, Berbice.  On Christmas Eve night, Ally launched an attack on his ex-girlfriend with a cutlass, fracturing her right hand and severing her left hand. Her mother was also chopped about her body, whilst trying to save her daughter from the attacker. Both women were later transferred to the GPH.

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