Teenager sentenced to two years for robbery

A two-year sentence was yesterday handed down to a teenaged boy after he admitted to stealing $41,000 in cash and other items.

Peter Lowe, 17, was brought before Magistrate Annette Singh and read a charge which stated that on January 2, at Georgetown, in company of another, he robbed Egbert Thomas of a $6000 phone and $35,000 in cash.

Lowe of Tiger Bay, pleaded guilty, with an explanation to the crime.

According to the facts presented by the prosecution, the court heard that Thomas, a guard, was walking south along Lombard Street, when he was confronted by the defendant and another. The court heard that it was the second person who choked the complainant, leading to the defendant removing the articles mentioned in the charge, from Thomas’ pocket. Thomas raised an alarm and the police responded and apprehended Lowe.

When granted the opportunity to explain his side of the story, Lowe told the court that he was towing a friend when the said friend jumped off the bicycle. He stated that when he turned around, he saw the friend cuff the complainant and choke him. According to Lowe, he was ordered by the friend to take the money from Thomas’ pocket, and then they rode away.

Prior to sentencing the defendant, the Magistrate told him that he had gone into the complainant’s pocket and taken out the money, like he had placed it there at 17 years-old. “It is people like you,” she added, “that would give certain areas a bad name, and cause people like me not to walk around these areas”.

The teen, a labourer,  was then sentenced to two years imprisonment.

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