Voir dire in Babita Sarjou’s murder case continues

The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder charge against Anand Narine and Darrol Compton, the two men accused of killing Babita Sarjou six years ago, continued yesterday.

Attorney-at-Law Latchmi Rahamat, yesterday filled in for Narine’s attorney Peter Hugh in the continuation of a voir dire into Narine’s statements. Rahamat, before she began her questioning told the court that her colleague was appearing before Justice Roxane George on another matter, and would been unable to make it for the day’s proceedings. Attorney Nigel Hughes who is representing Narine’s co-accused, Compton, was also absent.

Those who were cross-examined by Rahamat were Sergeant Stacy Alleyne, Sergeant Pauline Samuels and Detective Sergeant Hamlet Da Silva, all attached to the Criminal Investigation Department, Police Headquarters, at Eve Leary.

In November, the Chief Magistrate had ruled that Compton’s statements would be admitted into evidence, at the conclusion of his voir dire.

Yesterday, the matter was adjourned by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan until January 6 for further cross-examination.

Skeletal remains, believed to be those of Sarjou, were unearthed in May, 2016, at the residence of her estranged husband, Narine, in Campbellville.

On the eve of Diwali, November 4, 2010, Sarjou had left her Timehri residence, having informed her family that after work she was going to view the annual motorcade with her estranged husband and their then four-year-old son. She had promised to return at around 9 pm that night. She was never seen or heard from again.

Sarjou’s estranged husband had faced intense scrutiny over her disappearance, as there was a history of domestic violence in their relationship, which was evidenced by several reports made at the Kitty and the Timehri Police Stations.

The husband was also charged with the offence of exposing pictures of Sarjou to the public with a view to corrupt public morals, after photographs in which the woman appeared half-naked, were displayed around her place of employment in 2010.

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