Sophia family loses home in fire

A Sophia family lost its home last evening to a mysterious fire.

The small, wooden ‘B’ Field squatting area house went up in flames around 7pm.

Neighbours, who were on Dennis Street, told Stabroek News, that they were gaffing when they observed a glow inside of the house. Upon further inspection, they realised it was on fire and immediately summoned the fire service, which responded promptly.

Nothing was saved as neighbours said the fire prevented anyone from entering. After the fire was put out, the structure remained intact but the interior of the house was gutted.

The house was said to be occupied by a couple and their three children. No one was at home when the fire occurred.

A family friend told Stabroek News that the couple only built the home four months ago. The woman said the house was furnished with a refrigerator, a gas stove and other household amenities.

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