Electrical drama at Diamond Diagnostic Centre

It was high drama early Saturday at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the East Bank of Demerara  when electrical wires in the nursing station started sparking.

Stabroek News understands that at approximately 7 am the light switches at the nursing station started sparking while the lights in the area began buzzing.

A source at the hospital noted that the Medical Superintendent (MS) was contacted and she in turn got in touch with Director of Regional Health Services (RHS) Dr Kay Shako asking that the hospital be closed to the public until such time as the electrical issues could be resolved. Dr Shako refused to allow the closure and the MS had one of the handymen at the hospital attempt to resolve the issue by placing electrical tape over the sparking switches and outlets.

This solution proved unsatisfactory for some of the nurses and doctors at the hospital who vacated the building.

According to the source the sparking was occurring very close to the nebulizer machines and oxygen tanks a situation which staff were unhappy with.

“Oxygen and sparks are not a pretty combination nor would sparks combine well with some of the medication that is stored at the hospital. This is dangerous to everyone including medical and non-medical staff as well as patients. This is also not the first time we have had issues with the electrical wiring at the hospital,” the source explained.

Minister within the Ministry of Health Dr Karen Cummings told Stabroek News on Saturday that while she is not aware of this particular issue, she is aware that the Diamond Hospital has been having electrical issues.

“I know of the electrical problems at that hospital. It seems no matter how many electricians we send there this issue is not resolved but we are aware and are working assiduously to have the situation handled,” Cummings said. She noted that the ministry is having a policy meeting today at which time she expects to be briefed on the situation as well as what measures have been taken and will be taken to make the hospital safe for patients and staff.

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